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Absolute Barbecues - Ahmedabad

The former capital of Gujarat - Ahmedabad, tops the chart for its mouth watering savory and sweet delicacies. For all barbecue lovers, discover and experience live barbecue grill, from Smoked BBQ Paneer to Peri Peri Tangadi, authentic seafood on grills to main course cuisines and much more, at one of India's best barbecue buffet restaurants in Ahmedabad - AB’s, with one of our outlets running at Iskon Cross Road.

Explore the best barbecue buffet in Ahmedabad and enjoy a 'do-it-yourself' dining experience along with exotic meats to veg barbecue skewers, wide spread of mocktails and stunning range of desserts. Absolute Barbecues offers mouth-watering barbecue lunch and dinner buffet in Ahmedabad for one & all. An extensive choice of freshly prepared cuisines made from freshest ingredients in utmost hygienic conditions to ensure your experience with us is always memorable. 

Authentic Barbecue is a Real Art! And You Will Get The Best in Ahmedabad!