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Absolute Barbecues - Guwahati

p>Besides the Brahmaputra River, Guwahati is situated in the northeast Indian State of Assam. Absolute Barbecues has established itself as the best barbecue buffet restaurant in Guwahati, offering a unique DIY concept to let you explore a live grill for all exotic preparations as well as a mini grill right on your table for ‘do-it-yourself’ grilling and barbecuing. From soups, salads and appetizing starters like Pesto Mushroom, Hot and Sour Soup or Thai Fish, all dishes are prepared with intense flavors to impress you all. Enjoy the delicious and delectable barbecue lunch and dinner buffet in our outlet operating in Guwahati at GS Road. Absolute Barbecues is known for serving the best barbecue buffet in Guwahati with exotic meats and seafood such as Chicken Fried Rice, Thai Green Veg Curry, BBQ Chicken, making it a go to place for any age group. We serve to the command you give, so that we can have you with us over and again.

AB’s Bring Best Barbecue Just For You!