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Absolute Barbecues - Nagpur

Nagpur is the Winter capital and the largest city of Maharashtra. Enjoy the unique live barbecue grill at India’s best barbecue buffet restaurant- Absolute Barbecues, with our outlet in Nagpur at Dharampet. Explore the best barbecue buffet in Nagpur with delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian starters like American Cheese Potato, Reshmi Murgh Tikka and more. At Absolute Barbecues you can relish the taste of global dishes at our International Counter in which we have Hunan Egg Palate, Mexican Chicken, Chilli Ice Cream and many more choices to explore.

Absolute Barbecues offers a tempting and delectable barbecue lunch and dinner buffet serving spicy and savory Kosha Mangsho, Macher Jhol, Corn Spinach Au Gratin to let you enjoy food like never before followed by tasty and yummy desserts, to end your dine-in on a sweet note. With excellent quality, freshly prepared food served with love and warm welcoming services by our friendly staff will leave a long lasting impression on each one of you.

Get The Taste Of Live Grill At AB’s !