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Absolute Barbecues

About Us

Absolute Barbecues was born from pure passion. We begin with barbecues, and with it comes the idea of celebration. In fact they are inseparable. So we made a place where people can have a blast without limits. A buffet restaurant that is specialised in BBQ varieties, Indian cuisine, exotic meats, continental specials, and drool-worthy desserts where you can come with your family and friends, and have a gala time, every day of the week if you so wish. That’s Absolute Barbecues.

Popularising the concept of BBQ and reinventing it involved tremendous effort from our chefs and marketing minds. Today we are in a position to showcase a BBQ culture that’s widely loved and craved after. The buffet, combined with our wish grill, endless customisation options (Genie Chef), regular food festivals, exotic meat range and the widest selection of desserts make AB’s one of its kind. Wish grill is an irresistible attraction for any foodie out there. All AB’s outlets typically have a few dishes/meat/veg choices exclusively for wish-grill where customers could come and get their dish done the way they wish. A constant crowd puller and something that gourmands have come to love.

AB’s is designed for celebrations small and big. Our interiors take cue from carnival aesthetics with grand spaces, expansive seating and vibrant colours. The restaurant has conducted several food festivals, including Indian Street Food Festival, Brazilian Food Carnival and so on, introducing various dishes from rural India and all over the world.

AB's Express is the delivery wing of AB's, offering customised options such as Genie's Buffet Box, Meal-for-One, Starters Box, and festival special lunch/dinner offerings all carrying the signature AB's taste and flavour. The Genie's Buffet Box was a one-of-a-kind innovation that was designed to take the buffet experience home and has been a popular favourite ever since it was introduced. 

AB's barbecue buffet restaurant chain is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Started in 2013 by restaurateur Prosenjit Roy Choudhury, the chain has 54 outlets in India and 3 in Dubai, 1 in Qatar.. We are rapidly expanding in response to growing demand for buffet dining along with our delivery service.